we love living in diamond head!

A huge thank you to our neighbors who make Diamond Head such a wonderful place to live.  We appreciate you and thank you for everything you do to keep our community looking great.  

Deed Restrictions (or Covenants) were adopted by our property owners to protect the residential integrity of the entire community.  Uniform plans for the sale, development and improvement of properties aim to preserve the image and character of Diamond Head.   This is what keeps our neighborhood looking good for the benefit of both present and future property owners.

about our deed restrictions

What is the purpose of our deed restrictions?
​It is our guideline to assure our homes and properties remain beautiful and values do not decline due to unsightly appearance.  Remaining in compliance with our deed restrictions makes us love coming home to Diamond Head and love showing it off to family and friends.

We all received, or should have received, a copy of the Deed Restrictions prior to moving into Diamond Head.  By receipt you were agreeing to abide by these restrictions.  Everyone residing (including renters) or owning property in Diamond Head is required to follow the restrictions.  The Third Revised Deed Restrictions document currently governs all property owners in Diamond Head.  A copy of the Deed Restrictions can be obtained by request to diamondheadboard@gmail.com.  As a neighborhood, we continue to work together to enforce our deed restrictions and to keep Diamond Head a beautiful place to live. 

What if I have a neighbor who is not in compliance with our deed restrictions?
If you believe a neighbor is not in compliance, we ask that you complete the form on this page and submit it to us for immediate review.  You can also upload a picture of the violation to be attached to the form.  If we find the neighbor is not in compliance, we have a system in place to notify the neighbor and request him/her to cure the violation.  Remember, our goal is to maintain a beautiful neighborhood which means the Board will work through the process to make sure all residents are in compliance with our Deed Restrictions.

How soon do you follow up on the violation report form that I submit?
Please be assured that your complaint will be taken seriously and will be addressed with the property owner immediately; however, the total process may take a while.
We will not follow up with you because we must maintain confidentially of discussions with our neighbors.

What if I know of a neighbor who needs some help, or just cannot make the needed repairs, yard up-keep, painting, etc.?
If you have a neighbor who may be out of compliance with our deed restrictions and you know this neighbor is unable to make needed repairs due to health or financial reasons, please send us an email to diamondheadboard.gmail.com for us to review and possibly offer assistance.  We have many neighbors who willingly help fellow neighbors and the Board will attempt to provide what assistance we can.