Norman Eaton was one of the original owners of 3 acres of land in Diamond Head that he sold to Richard Foretich and Luther Borden, partners in Peninsula, Ltd.

According to Mr. Foretich, Diamond Head was originally planned for his mother.  He was going to build her a home in the center of the Diamond Head property.  Due to lack of funding, he and his partner, Mr. Borden, determined it was much more profitable to subdivide their 34.3 acres of land into individual properties that we now call Diamond Head.  The 34.3 acres were subdivided into 117 lots, 5 blocks and 2 reserves.

Mr. Foretich and Mr. Eaton have passed away; however, Mrs. Kay Eaton is the owner of the home and property across the cove from the south side of Diamond Head.  Mr. Eaton was also the owner of another 5 acres of land which he eventually sold to Emerald Bay, the subdivision to the east side of Mrs. Eaton's home.



Diamond Head's First Entry Sign


Circa 1997